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Tips for Designing Vehicle Wraps to Advertise Your Business

April 14th, 2016

A sportscar with a Bridgeport Bluefish vehicle wrap.Vehicle wraps are custom vinyl graphics that are applied to cars, trucks, buses, trailers, and more to transform a normal vehicle into a roving mobile billboard, generating impressions everywhere it goes to increase brand awareness and directly generate leads.

Vehicle wraps are an amazingly effective method of out-of-home advertising, but like most things in life they work best when you take the necessary care to do them right.

If you’re interested in designing a vehicle wrap to advertise your business, one of the first things you’ll have to do is to your wrap before having it printed and installed. Merritt Graphics can help with each of these steps, from initial phases to final installation. If you’ve got a vision, their job is to help you bring it to fruition.

Read these tips to get started in designing your business’s vehicle wrap, then get in touch with Merritt Graphics at (844) Big-Color or by sending an email to bigcolor@merrittgraphics.com to take the next step.

Make Your Brand Prominent

One of the things vehicle wraps are best at is increasing brand awareness and getting your name on the tips of people’s tongues. For that reason it’s very important to make sure your name, brand, or logo is prominently displayed on your vehicle wrap.

Keep It Simple

Another important thing to remember is that a large proportion of the people who encounter your vehicle wrap will only see it on the road for about 3 to 5 seconds at a time. It’s best not to expect many people to read your company’s history from the side of your wrap.

Likewise, too much visual busyness in the form of photos or collage graphics will make it less likely for viewers to pick out the information they need. Keep things simple: a clean design with brand information, a logo, and contact information is a good design baseline.

Make it Eye-Grabbing

Of course, “keep it simple” shouldn’t be taken to mean, “make it boring.” Bold colors, crisp design, and effective use of negative space are all essential to making your vehicle wrap into something that will really turn heads. There’s a science to this, so don’t feel bad if you decide it’s best to rely on the services of a professional graphic designer. A good one will work with you to make your ideas the best they can be, rather than simply use all their own.

Several darts stuck into the bullseye section of a dart board.Don’t Forget to Track Leads

Use contact information that’s unique to your vehicle wrap, like a separate phone number and/or website URL. This will make it possible to keep perfect track of how many leads your wrap generates to gauge returns on investment.

Sweeten the Deal

Advertise special deals or discounts on your wrap. This gives customers an extra incentive to call or visit your website.

More Tips for Advertising with Vehicle Wraps

Once your vehicle wrap is designed, printed, and installed, consider these tips to make the most of your mobile marketing campaign:

Get it Out as Much as Possible

The greatest car wrap in the world won’t do you much good if it’s stuck in garage all day. Use your newly decked-out car or truck for as much as possible to keep it moving and generating impressions. Use it for deliveries, service calls, even personal errands like shopping or taking the kids to school. The more your wrap is on the road, the more people see it.

Build a Fleet

If one wrap is good, even more are great! If you increase the number of wrapped vehicles in your fleet your impressions and returns grow exponentially. Even if your business doesn’t have more than one commercial vehicle, you can ask friends and family members if they would be willing to have their car wrapped on your behalf. Many companies even pay people a small advertising stipend to have their car wrapped! Think big.

Don’t Stop at Car Wraps

Advertising is all about versatility. Vehicle wraps are awesome tools indeed, but they aren’t the only marketing tactic out there. Consider taking some of your returns and investing in other advertising channels like direct mail marketing, billboards, and online marketing.

Get in touch with Merritt Graphics to learn more about vehicle wraps, out of home advertising, and more. 

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