Merritt Graphics Print Solutions offers a number of print finishing techniques and services to take your documents, marketing collateral, and other printed materials to the next level.

Our print finishing services include binding, cutting, punching, laminating, spot coatings, tabbing, scoring, folding, and more. We even offer full kitting and fulfillment services to help your amazing finished product get into the hands of its target audience with a minimum amount of effort on your part. 

Keep reading to learn more about our many finishing services. 

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Nothing adds to more to the professional look and feel of a printed book or document more than quality binding. Whether you’re self-publishing a book or creating a professional report, dissertation, or anything between, Merritt Graphics’ finishing and binding options can meet your needs.  

Types of binding we offer include the following: 


Whether you're cutting a book, professional document, custom bookmarks, playing cards, menus, posters, signage or anything else, Merritt Graphics Print Solutions has the tools you need to get it right the first time every time. With laser cutting and die cutting services, we offer the best service for business, marketing and other materials. 

Types of binding we offer include the following: 

Hole Punching

Whether it's for a simple bind, binder-ready documents, or anything else, if you need professional hole punching services Print Solutions can handle it. Our facility is ready with a professional drill press that's perfect for almost any job. 


Even the toughest paper stock is vulnerable to wear and damage from repeated handlings, spills, and other long-term or sudden hazards. Let your printed documents stand the test of time with Merritt Graphics’ professional laminating services. In addition to saving your paper documents from wear and tear (not to mention saving you the cost of reprinting), laminating also adds a professional look and feel to everything from restaurant menus to office documents. 

Kitting & Fulfillment

Whether you’re creating media kits, promotional packages, training materials, or anything else, Merritt Graphics can help you with every step from inception to the final delivery. Depending on your kit’s needs, we can design and print and otherwise provide all materials before compiling them together into complete kits and delivering them according to your needs.

Kitting and fulfillment can be done to order, one-to-one, or in bulk according to your needs. Useful for corporate training, trade shows, direct mail campaigns, and other promotions, Merritt’s kitting and fulfillment services take your company’s message to the next level.  

Scoring & Folding

Proper scoring is imperative to ensure a clean fold. Merritt Graphics uses top-of-the-line equipment to ensure our customers get accurate and consistent scored folds whether it is a first run or repeat order.


Add tabs to printed sales and marketing literature for easy navigation. Merritt’s tabbing services provide the option of inserting tabs with custom headings. Choose from black and white or full color headings.

UV Coating & Spot UV Finishing

UV coating adds gloss and texture to a variety of printed documents, such as marketing collateral, direct mailers, and many more. 

Spot UV printing is an especially popular choice for people who want their business cards to stand out. UV coated business cards reflect light and appear to have more depth than more conventionally printed ones. They also help maintain a card’s longevity. The end result is a business card that visually stands out and sticks around in people’s pockets. What else could you want from a business card?