HP T790

Enjoy plug-and-play simplicity with this large-format ePrinter from HP. This new HP Designjet fosters teamwork and mobility; delivers high-quality results at fast speeds; and offers a level of simplicity that saves time and reduces costs.

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So easy and intuitive, you’ll love using it. 

  • Print to any HP Designjet printer without installing any drivers thanks to HP ePrint & Share.[1]
  • Discover the power of touch—this ePrinter's color touchscreen enables intuitive operation and page previews.
  • Web-connected and easy to update. Software updates occur automatically, every six months.
  • Create a print-ready PDF[2] at the same time you print with HP ePrint & Share.[1]

Attain high-quality, high-speed results. 

  • Achieve high-quality results with rich, dark blacks, true neutral grays, and vibrant solid colors.
  • Produce fine, detailed lines and highly accurate drawings with innovative technology and Original HP inks.
  • Get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. Print up to 2 A1/D-sized prints per minute in Economode.
  • Print complex files as easily as simple ones with this ePrinter's 8 GB virtual memory.[6]

Access and print files where the job takes you. 

  • Print TIFF, JPEG, and PDF[4] files directly from your USB thumb drive; no computer required.
  • Print and share files directly from the color touchscreen—with HP ePrint & Share.[1]
  • Select and print projects using the touchscreen—simply access those files via HP ePrint & Share.[1]
  • Print remotely[5] to any large-format HP Web-connected Designjet from your computer or mobile device.


[1]  HP ePrint & Share is a free Web-printing solution that lets you automatically manage content online. It requires an Internet connection.
[2]  Requires AutoCAD plug-in.
[3]  Using HP-GL/2.
[4]  PDF files only available with PostScript accessory (optional accessory to be purchased separately) or buying PS versions.
[5]  Remote Printing will be available by end of 2011.
[6]  Based on 640 MB RAM.