Space is an issue for many schools and universities. As more students and professionals enter the educational system more space and money is required for student and faculty records. Merritt Scanning offers a cost-effective and convenient solution to storing student records and other archive materials, by carefully scanning and indexing these files. Eliminate the unnecessary expenses related to locating, printing and mailing documents. With our simple to use retrieval software, locating and sharing these files has never been easier. Merritt Scanning offers full indexing of records, enabling searches for any file by student name, ID, year of graduation, etc.

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Capabilities Include

  • Student General Education Files
  • Student Special Education Files
  • Student Transcripts
  • Faculty / Personnel Files
  • Facility Records
  • Student Newspapers
  • Yearbooks

Additional Benefits

  • Print out any page from any file within seconds
  • Increase the security of confidential files with password encryption
  • Prevent documents from being accidentally misfiled, lost or destroyed due to repetitive manual use, or in the case of a natural disaster
  • Permanent storage system-- Electronic data never deteriorates over time


With class sizes and enrollments increasing, schools and universities need more physical space than ever. As a result, converting educational records to digital files has become one common approach to getting more use out of facilities. Merritt Scanning can assist your efforts with education document scanning services. Using superior scanning equipment, we create clear, high-quality digital files and make future retrieval easy. By scanning and archiving your student and faculty records with Merritt Scanning, your school can not only save space but also have backup for disasters or loss, prevent files from getting damaged by age, and meet any legal compliance. To make your school's recordkeeping system more reliable and efficient, give Merritt Scanning a call to learn more about our document scanning services.