Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance is an essential aspect of property management. Facility Maintenance firms are required to keep fastidious records including as-built documents, manuals, utilities present, shut off valve locations, etc. Prompt access is needed to these records and in a matter of an emergency every second is critical.

No longer search through plans or as-builts to find the necessary information. Merritt Scanning provides secure digital access to all FM documents within seconds. 

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Capabilities Include

  • Create eDocuments from your CAD files
  • Digital closeouts (plans, specifications, correspondence, photographs)
  • Provides secure storage and retrieval of all plans and specifications
  • Available with PlanGrid

Additional Benefits

  • Print out any page from any file within seconds
  • Increase the security of confidential files with password encryption
  • Prevent documents from being accidentally misfiled, lost or destroyed due to repetitive manual use, or in the case of a natural disaster
  • Permanent storage system-- Electronic data never deteriorates over time


Joseph Merritt has been a trusted source of blueprinting and building documents for more than a century. Ahead with the latest technology, we offer facilities scanning services for keeping such documents organized. Ideal for property owners, our facilities document scanning services allow you to archive all as-built information, manuals, and other digital files and retrieve them. By implementing our facilities scanning service, you can create documents from CAD drawings or other types of files, and we provide secure storage of all plans and specifications. Protecting building documents is crucial for your company or organization, and our facilities document scanning services allows all such files and information to remain confidential.