Life Science

How can time-to-market costs stay down while the process becomes more efficient?

Developing and marketing new products in an industry that is highly regulated can be a challenge. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires documentation for all stages of development, testing and packaging. To stay in compliance with the rigid regulations the FDA places on biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and medical supply companies, thousands of documents are produced. Merritt Scanning significantly reduces the costs associated with the processing, transporting, and storing of these documents through digitization.  Our process is secure and confidential.

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Capabilities Include

  • Lab Notes
  • Bound Lab Books
  • Discovery Records
  • Research & Development Testing
  • Clinical Trial Records
  • Drug Master Files

Additional Benefits

  • Print out any page from any file within seconds
  • Increase the security of confidential files with password encryption
  • Prevent documents from being accidentally misfiled, lost or destroyed due to repetitive manual use, or in the case of a natural disaster
  • Permanent storage system-- Electronic data never deteriorates over time


If your company or organization falls within the life sciences realm, have your document scanning done by Merritt Scanning. Why us? Specializing in life sciences document scanning, we work with you from the early stages of content management for Phase I of Clinical Research and Development, and understand that this process can take from two to 10 years and can generate extensive documentation. As your company or organization may need thousands of documents for FDA compliance, we have the ability to scan all file formats, including bound lab books, and streamline the submission process for both scientists and regulatory agencies.