The Continued Importance of Catalogs

Catalog Printing CT

To say catalogs are no longer important is to miss the fundamental reason why catalogs exist in the first place. 

Catalogs are a tangible way to bring products into a home, without actually bringing the products into the home. 

Paper catalogs still feel real to most people and "real" counts for something. Maybe catalogs don't have the marketing power they once did, but they also don't have to be the only advertising avenue for a business or product.

Catalogs can now be designed to speak to a specific audience, a change from a time when catalogs where the only mass advertising game in town. 

This is also another way of saying there is an age bias when it comes to catalogs. A study done in 2013 showed that people ages 45 and above were much more likely to use catalogs to shop than younger shoppers. 

Of course, the main objective of any catalog should be to promote products and services. In this way, catalogs still succeed. Proper design layouts will make it easier to find products and make a buying decision. The design still needs to be attractive. Boring and bland will not entice customers. A catalog still needs to be thought of as a marketing and advertising tool. 

The catalog also should provide information and resources to a customer. This means including things like delivery service and shipping cost information.
Merritt Graphics can customize catalogs to fit specific business needs. There are several different color combinations and stocks to choose from.

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